From: Neil Farley

Re: Your Free Aquaponics PDF Kit

Can I just first say thanks for visiting my site Freshwater Aquaculture I hope you found the site useful.

I have been involved in this field and more specifically Aquaponics as a whole for over 8 years now.

Why Aquaponics you might ask……

Aquaponics uses 90% less water than conventional gardening methods

Aquaponics requires a 1/3 of the energy of other gardening methods

tick_green_big In the same area you can produce 8-10 times the vegetables of a conventional garden

Aquaponics requires 40% less labour than a conventional garden

To help people interested in getting started in Aquaponics I have put together a guide “A Quick Introduction To Aquaponics” to get folks acquainted with this food producing revolution.

So if you want to get instant access to the guide all you need to do is let me know where to send it to by filling in the form right:

Thanks again

Neil Farley

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