Guyana Proud of Their Freshwater Tilapia Aquaculture Farms

Guyana recently had a conference to show off the product of their first freshwater tilapia aquaculture farm. Tilapia are native to Guyana and easy to farm and also are most sought after for food, so the choice for their first fish farm was really a simple one. Many residents are interested in starting backyard ponds and the government is willing to provide fingerlings for them.Being easy to raise and reaching maturity in 6 months residents are eager to get started. Backyard ponds should be easy to construct and for those who can’t do that even a plastic barrel could be used. The project might even eliminate the need to import fish.

Home-grown Tilapia Debuts at Agriculture Open Day

The Department of Agriculture used the recently held Open Day in Nevis to debut locally reared and harvested Tilapia fish, a product of the island’s first aquaculture program.

Director of Agriculture Keithly Amory told The Observer on Monday (Mar 25) that the Department’s plan to showcase the local fishery product at the March 21-22 event was almost derailed as persons had been stealing Tilapia from the fish pond.

He told The Observer that because persons were stealing the fish they were not able to provide the amount of tilapia on Open Day as they wanted. Amory urged persons to “kindly refrain from stealing the fish”.

He said on Open Day the fish was well-received, especially by the Guyanese population on Nevis as tilapia is one of Guyana’s local fish. He also revealed that persons have shown interest in developing small backyard tilapia ponds.

“A number of persons are interested in establishing a back yard pond and we are willing to assist in providing the fingerlings,” he said.

He noted that a backyard tilapia pond should be easy to construct with some concrete and fashion it to resemble a miniature model to what the Agriculture Department has. Amory said those who could not construct a pond could use a make-shift pond using a plastic barrel to raise the fish. To finish reading Home-grown Tilapia Debuts at Agriculture Open Day click here.

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